B12 Booster

B12 Booster

B12 Booster

B12 therapy is a treat ment that involves the administration of vitamin B12 to address deficiencies or to boost energy levels. B12 injections are given directly into the muscle, while IV therapy involves infusing B12 directly into the bloodstream.

B12 injections are typically administered once a week or every other week, depending on the individual's needs. They are generally well-tolerated and have few side effects. B12 injections can help improve energy levels, reduce fatigue, and improve cognitive function.

IV B12 therapy involves a higher dose of vitamin B12 than what is typically given through an injection. The infusion is delivered directly into the bloodstream and can take up to an hour to complete. This method is often used for individuals who have difficulty absorbing B12 through their digestive system or who have severe deficiencies.

IV B12 therapy can improve energy levels, reduce fatigue, and improve cognitive function, similar to B12 injections. It can also improve mood, promote healthy skin, and aid in weight loss. Overall, B12 therapy is a safe and effective way to address B12 deficiencies and promote overall wellness.

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